Toolkit is a revolutionary way of using your journal.
Sized to fit inside the Recorder notebook pocket, these printable guiding sheets help in organising your page like never before.

The goal of Toolkits is to enable every Recorder notebook user to bring out their ideas onto paper in the most efficient way possible. We’ve observed that people have often struggled to record their thoughts properly due to the lack of structure on the page. With a lot of research and passion, we’ve created the Toolkit.

By and for the community…

We worked closely with few of our very passionate users (many thanks to them!) to create these Decks based on their needs. Going forward, we welcome any and all users to come to us with suggestions, and ideas to add new decks or improve the current ones. This is our way of hearing to our user’s needs as closely as possible and ensure we give back to the community. Happy journalling!


P A P E R  G A M E S  T O O L K I T  ( N E W )

Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, and Squares – along with the rules sheet

F O R  T H E  Y E A R  T O O L K I T

Daily page layout, Week & Month reviews, and a HABIT TRACKER!

P L A N N E R  T O O L K I T

Planner layouts for monthly, weekly and daily planning.

G E O M E T R Y  T O O L K I T

For all the common shapes along with shapefinders.

P A G E  L A Y O U T S  T O O L K I T

Dot Grids, Square Grid, and Lined

C A L L I G R A P H Y  T O O L K I T

A stencil for calligraphers and lettering artists.

A R C H I T E C T U R E  T O O L K I T

Perspective grids for Architecture lovers.

I N K  T E S T I N G  T O O L K I T

A must-have layout for for all the ink-connoisseurs.


A ruler which can fit inside your Recorder pocket.